We Will Never Forget.

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Please share your thoughts and personal experiences here remembers the seventy-five players, coaches, school administrators, fans and crew of Southern Airways Flight 932 that lost their lives in a horrific plane crash on a hillside near the Tri-State Airport on the evening of November, 14th 1970.
They shall live on in the hearts of their families and friends forever…
From the ashes of the plane crash rose a football program which would become the winningest team of the 1990s. Two NCAA Division 1-AA National Championships, seven Bowl Championships, thirteen Conference Championships and three Heisman Trophy Candidates later, we still play each and every game for them.
Today, at a ceremony on the memorial student center plaza, the water will be turned off at the memorial fountain for the winter, as it is every year. The ceremony commemorates the loss to the university and the community. A wreath is presented and seventy-five roses are placed around the base of the fountain while the names of those lost in the crash are read.
Moe Lajterman, brother of 1970 kicker Marcelo Lajterman, will be the keynote speaker. The ceremony to honor the victims of the plane crash will begin at noon by the memorial fountain on the campus of Marshall University. This is the 42nd anniversary of the plane crash and the 40th anniversary of the dedication of the memorial fountain.
Today we are reminded of what defines us and of the unique connection that the university and football program shares with the Huntington community.
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