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Battle for the Bell - History and Stuff

Marshall University vs Ohio University. The schools, per mapquest, are located just 79.9 miles away, or one hour and thirty eight minutes. The two programs have met fifty nine times on the gridiron. Currently, the Bobcats have the lead with 33 wins, Marshall has 20 wins, and there have been 6 ties.

The series has seen several periods of domination by each school. Marshall opened the series in 1905 with a high scoring 6 - 5 win. Ohio would bounce back in 1908 and grab its first win by a score of 59 - 0. Three years later, in the third matchup, the series notched its first tie, at 5 - 5. From 1908 to 1949, Ohio never lost to the Herd. Marshall would snag wins in 1949 and 1953. Ohio dominated the series until 1980, up to that point Marshall only had seven wins.

From 1988 to 2010, the teams would play 11 times, with Marshall winning 10 of them. Since that point Ohio has won four of the five contests, including the last game in 2015.

There have been several interesting moments throughout the series. My first known memory of the series was a game I did not attend, but I have seen the highlights, or lowlights many times. In 1987, Marshall made its first ever appearance into the 1-AA National Championship game. Marshall started the season off very badly, including an early season loss to the "Hapless Bobcats," 23 - 15 on the road in Athens. This was mentioned during the WSAZ airing of, "The Road to Pocatello," hosted by the late great Bob Bowen.

The next great moment in the series would come in the Herd's first year as a 1-A school, in 1997. The weather could not decide what it wanted to do. It rained, snowed, and it would sleet. It was cold, then colder, then everyone was wet, and it felt even colder. The Marshall defense dominated in a 27 - 0 shutout victory.

Marshall has had its problems with the Bobcats recently, seemingly always finding ways to lose.

What was your first and most favorite memory of the Marshall vs Ohio series?


The game will be broadcast live on Facebook. Check out the Herdnation.com Facebook page on Saturday to click the link and watch the game.


Have you checked out the social media hype video for the Battle of the Bell, if not, check it out below

Captains for the Herd will be:

Brenden Knox

Marquis Couch

Omari Cobb

Levi Brown

Fun Fact, Marshall's last win over Ohio came with the much acclaimed, and rarely liked "gradient number," uniforms of early 2014 when fans could not tell who was who on the field.

Kickoff set for 6:30, stay tuned to Herdnation.com for further updates and stories, as well as finding the real time game day thread to post on if you cant make it to the Joan.